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Forensic Roundtable: Compliance und Governance in Non-Profit Organisationen

Evangelisches Werk für Diakonie und Entwicklung e.V. (EWDE), Caroline-Michaelis-Street 1, 10115 Berlin
Termin verschoben, wird voraussichtlich nach Sommerpause stattfinden
Veranstaltungssprache: Englisch

Lanna Idriss

CEO, SOS-Kinderdörfer Weltweit

Lanna Idriss was born in Hamburg. After studying Political Science, Islamic Studies, Administrative Law and Economic Sciences at international universities, she gathered experience in various management roles at German banks and auditing companies, before switching to BHF-BANK Aktiengesellschaft in 2009 as Managing Director. She managed the Operations and COO Investment Banking division until 2018. She has also managed several transformative IT projects in her career.
In 2011 she additionally took over one of the board seats of the BHF-BANK Foundation, which has made a particularly valuable contribution to the field of modern fine arts.
In 2012 and 2013 she founded two non-profit associations including #Gyalpa e.V. and in 2015 the socially responsible trading company #Gyalpashop UG. Both organisations are primarily dedicated to the equal participation of women and the promotion of intercultural cooperation in and with the Near and Middle East.
In 2015, with around 100 women from the spheres of culture and media, she founded the network #wirmachendas and concentrates here chiefly on the support of refugee creative artists.
In May 2019, she became the Managing Director of Amnesty International Deutschland e.V. She has seats on several advisory and executive boards of educational and cultural institutions, such as, among others, Villa Romana e.V., the Hertie School of Governance and Transparency e.V.
Since February 2022, she has been a board executive of SOS-Kinderdörfer weltweit HGFD e.V., where she is CEO. Her responsibilities include international programme work and the areas of Advocacy, Communications, Marketing, HR and Legal.
She is an expert in leadership management in non-government organisations, sexism in the world of work, diversity, organisational development and socially responsible economic systems.
Lanna Idriss is divorced and has two children. She lives in Berlin.

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Dr. Anna-Maija Mertens

Member of the Management Board, Deutsches Institut für Compliance e.V. (DICO)

Dr. Anna-Maija Mertens has been a full-time board member at DICO since April 2024. Prior to her current position she served as managing director of the anti-corruption organization Transparency International Deutschland e.V. (from 2014 to 2024), following her experience as a director of the Finland Institute in Germany, where she worked as a doctoral graduate in political science. In her previous roles, Dr. Mertens has focused particularly on innovation management, both in a consulting firm in Bonn and at the University of Münster. Academically, Dr. Mertens engages with institutionalism and the legitimacy of political decision-making. She teaches at the Berlin School of Economics and Law as well as at the Willy Brandt School of Public Policy at the University of Erfurt in German and international programs.

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