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Forensic Roundtable: Compliance and Governance in Non-Profit Organisations

June 13, 2024

Berlin, Deutschland

ACFE German Chapter

We are the cross-sector specialist association for combating white-collar crime in Germany. Our members represent more than 160 different companies - including the majority of DAX companies and the Big 4 accounting firms. Together with the umbrella organisation ACFE USA and local chapters in over 180 countries worldwide, we have a cross-border network.

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Become part of the ACFE German Chapter

New knowledge and the right contacts are decisive for success in combating white-collar crime.
This is exactly what the German Chapter of the ACFE e.V. offers for you.

- Kurt Ramin, Chairman

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ACFE Germany Conference 2025

Celebrate the 20th birthday of the ACFE German Chapter with us at the next ACFE Germany Conference in Spring 2025.
Date and location will follow shortly.
If you are interested in participating as a speaker, please send us an application to

ACFE Worldwide

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The ACFE is the world's largest anti-fraud organization and provider of high-quality training in the fight against fraud and white-collar crime. Together with our worldwide members, we reduce fraud and white-collar crime and strengthen public trust in integrity and objectivity.

More than

90 000

More than

320 000

CPEs issued annually
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Network with CFEs in Germany

Join our LinkedIn group to make new connections, learn more, and get professional opportunities.
Our goal is to work together to reduce fraud and white-collar crime and to help uncover it.

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