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The CFE Review Course

We will provide you with the perfect preparation for the CFE exam


Save the Date: Celebrate the 20th anniversary of ACFE German Chapter with us at the next ACFE Germany Conference in Spring 2025

Your Benefits

Structured Learning

Even before the 5-day course, the trainer will support you individually in preparing for the exam.

Intensive program

The 5-day intensive program offers a comprehensive repetition and consolidation of all subject areas of the CFE exam.

Trainer-Led Learning

As your personal contact, the trainer offers you efficient and effective learning.

Trainer environment

You can get help from other CFE candidates and the trainer to work through your exam papers better.

Interactive Learning

Have open discussions on different topics in the study group and with the trainer.

On-site online exam

After each learning section, you can take the corresponding test of the exam and, if necessary, repeat it.

Your authorized trainers


Kurt Ramin

Kurt Ramin is an international coach, trainer, author and chairman of the ACFE German Chapter. He was a partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers in New York and London and has taught other preparatory courses including the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst), CPA (U.S. Chartered Accountant) and CEBS (Certified Employee Benefits Specialist).


Antje Meyer

Antje Meyer is Director in the Forensic & Integrity Service at EY in Dusseldorf. She has more than nine years of experience in fraud management, fraud investigation and compliance management.
Before joining EY, Antje worked for the European Parliament and law firms in the US.

Content of the course

Investigative Techniques

  • Planning and Conducting a Fraud Examination

  • Collecting Evidence

  • Interview Theory and Application

  • Interviewing Suspects and Signed Statements

  • Covert Operations

  • Sources of Information

  • Data Analysis and Reporting Tools

  • Digital Forensics

  • Tracing Illicit Transactions

  • Report Writing

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Fraud Prevention & - deterrence 

  • Understanding Behavior

  • White-Collar Crime

  • Corporate Governance

  • Management's Fraud-Related Responsibilities

  • Auditors' Fraud-Related Responsibilities

  • Fraud Prevention Programs

  • Fraud Risk Assessment

  • Fraud Risk Management

  • Ethics for Fraud Examiners

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Fraud Law

  • Overview of the Legal System

  • Law Related to Fraud

  • Bankruptcy Fraud

  • Securities Fraud

  • Money Laundering

  • Tax Fraud

  • Individual Rights During Examinations

  • The Criminal Justice System

  • The Civil Justice System

  • Basic Principles of Evidence

  • Testifying

Financial transactions and fraud schemes

  • Accounting Concepts

  • Financial Statement Fraud

  • Cash Receipts

  • Fraudulent Disbursements

  • Inventory and other Assets

  • Corruption

  • Theft of Data and Intellectual Property

  • Identity Theft

  • Financial Institution Fraud

  • Payment Fraud

  • Insurance Fraud

  • Health Care Fraud

  • Consumer Fraud

  • Cyberfraud

  • Contract and Procurement Fraud

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Your contact: Kurt Ramin

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